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19 Jan 2018, Friday

 3 - 5pm

Entry to the event is ticketed. Registration is advised

Moderated by Dr. Michelle Lim, Acts of Voicing is a dialogue session which presents the experiences of Singapore artists negotiating fields of artistic production and the concept of the ‘international'. 

The practices and approaches of the shortlisted artists focus on revealing perspectives about society, narratives and humanism. Such a focus seeks to raise important questions such as the artist’s role in society, and how they can create perspectives related to ideas of change, as well as relations between systems of thoughts, the arts and cultures. Featured artists include Ho Tzu Nyen, Jason Wee, Lee Wen and Shubigi Rao.


Michelle Lim is a writer and curator based in New York and Singapore. Michelle’s field of research lies in the intersection between East Asian art history, contemporary art, and curatorial practices. She is particularly interested in exploring critical issues and theories related to audience, exhibition histories, immersive experience and socio-cultural ecologies.


Jason Wee is an artist and a writer working between contemporary art, architecture, poetry and photography. His art practice contends with sources of singular authority in favour of polyphony and difference. He transforms these histories and spaces into various visual and written materials. He is keenly interested in their secrets and their futures, their idealisms and their conundrums.


Ho Tzu Nyen is an artist who works primarily in film, video, performance and developed environmental multimedia installations. Ho appropriates the structures of epic myths, invoking their grandeur while revealing them to be not merely stories, but discursive tools. He is particularly concerned with those moments when contemporary figures imagine and invent the past in order to serve the needs of the present.


Based in Singapore, Lee Wen is a multidisciplinary artist working on social identity themes. After leaving a banking career to enroll at LASALLE College of the Arts, Lee graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in 2006. Best known for his Yellow Man series of work, Lee is one of the pioneers of Performance Art in Singapore. Through various constructed personas, his works allow visitors an insight into his roles as an artist.


Shubigi Rao is a visual artist and writer whose interests include archaeology, neuroscience, 13th-15th century science, 17th-19th century scholarship and exploration, language, libraries, historical acts of cultural genocide, contemporary art theory and natural history. She is particularly interested in unfashionable branches of knowledge and epistemology.

REFRAME—Acts of Voicing is part of Singapore Art Week (17-28 January 2018). A joint initiative by the National Arts Council, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Art Week reinforces Singapore's position as Asia's leading arts destination. The twelve-day celebration of the visual arts offers a myriad of quality art experiences, from art fairs, gallery openings, exhibitions, lifestyle events and public art walks, to enriching discussions on art and culture.

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