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09. 03. 2017 to 09. 09. 2017

Amidst great anticipation, The Parkview Museum Singapore unveils its first exhibition ON SHARKS AND HUMANITY, a thematic travelling exhibition organized by Parkview Arts Action in collaboration with WildAid, that addresses the practise of shark finning and the impact of human activities in the oceans.


Mr George Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Parkview Group and Founder of The Parkview Museum Singapore highlighted that the exhibition is also a global travelling exhibition that hopes to "inform and confront audiences in ways that strike more directly into the human psyche than the abstract language of scientific debate, as well as contribute to raise awareness about the importance of shark protection among Singaporeans."


The exhibition features artists from Singapore, China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Germany and the United States. The artworks explore and analyse the interdependent relationship between sharks, the ocean, and human beings, challenging prevailing prejudices  surrounding this deeply feared creature and bringing to light the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem. 

ON SHARKS AND HUMANITY embodies the ideals, beliefs and actions of the artists in their commitment towards protecting sharks. The artworks also reflect the artists' subjective interpretation of the topic, imagination and creativity and they also showcase their critical and social responsibility.



The Parkview Museum is now Permanently Closed. Thank you for your patronage.
 We look forward to welcoming you to The Parkview Museum Beijing.

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