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In this session, we would be introducing and exploring the three works of Muntean/Rosenblum currently on display at Parkview Museum.


Participants would then have an opportunity to respond to, as well as interpret Muntean/Rosenblum’s works. They would get to select their own colour palettes and tools (markers, crayons and/or watercolour) that best reflect their emotions and thoughts, and transpose these various elements onto paper.


About the Artists

Muntean/Rosenblum are an artistic duo. Markus Muntean (Austrian) and Adi Rosenblum (Israeli) have been collaborating since 1992. Their works often make use of motifs and elements from traditional and classical western iconography and western art history. Some of these elements include colour symbolism, hand gestures, and physical postures that come from Western Christian visual traditions but removed from their religious contexts and translated to the present.


These various elements are translated into the various human figures who look like those from fashion and lifestyle magazines featured in their paintings and narrative pictorials. In doing this, they transform these elements to become new vocabularies and icons for our contemporary times.


About the artworks

Untitled (2014), Untitled (2015) and Untitled (2015) portray young people in their late teens embodying stereotypical images of youths reproduced by mass media. The settings in the paintings span from urban spaces in contemporary society (everyday interiors, empty plots of land, building sites, etc.) to natural landscapes.


These works feature various protagonists in strange, unnatural poses and actions. Depicted in groups yet characterised by solitude and the impossibility of communicating one with each other, they reveal the total disconnect between space, time, action and language.

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